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I often get a quizzical look when I tell a stranger I write website content. That's because great website content doesn't feel like reading. Great website content feels like surfing. Learning. Relaxing. And it's that great content that keeps website visitors coming back, instead of skipping right over like commercials on the DVR.

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Get discovered by thousands of visitors looking for answers. Using white hat SEO practices, I create content that often is listed on the very first page of those search results.

Great Content from Great Ideas

Brainstorming is key to creating creative content that converts. I generate content ideas and suggestions for further website improvement.

Accurate and informative

Content isn’t much without valuable information. Each article involves in-depth research for accurate content that tops the competition.

Viral Content Without the Click-Bait

Great content doesn’t need click-bait headlines to lure readers in. Each post includes a well-crafted headline, and content worthy of sharing.


The latest news, tips and advice.

5 Tech Trends Photographers Should Know

February 1, 2015
If there was one single way to predict where technology is headed, it would be strolling through the booths at the Consumer Electronics Show. This year’s show brought on a few surprises as well as a few disappointments. Over at Digital Photography School, I shared what photographers need to know about 2015 photography trends.

Giveaway: Win A Signed Copy of Kaleidoscope Me

February 26, 2014
To celebrate the launch of debut novel, I’m giving away a signed copy. Entering is easy–just follow this link to a Rafflecopter giveaway. Entrants must like my Facebook page and can earn additional entries by participating on Twitter too. Good luck!

Book Tour: An Interview with LitPick

March 4, 2014
I’m going on tour–a virtual tour that is. For the first week, I’m stopping by LitPick, a website with a mission to promote reading through a community for teens and preteens. I took a few minutes to chat with LitPick about how I got started in their Six Minutes With An Author feature. I started writing as a teenager for teens–and that’s the same audience I write for today. My fifth grade teacher actually told me he wouldn’t be surprised if he saw my name on a book one day. After a lot of hard work, “one day” has finally come. Check out the entire interview with LitPick. But, perhaps even more exciting is the latest review from the very same website–along with a Five Star Review Award! The 14-year-old reviewer had a lot of great things to say about Kaleidoscope Me: “The main story of Kaleidoscope Me takes place over an hour and 33 minutes, but in a burst of narratorial brilliance, Jadyn takes us on a journey through her entire life, flashing back to different points in time, creating a nonlinear narrative. She doesn’t shy away from the emotional events either, and I loved her growth and determination throughout the book.” For the entire review, head over to LitPick. Don’t forget, there’s just a few hours left to enter to win an autographed copy of Kaleidoscope Me. To enter, head here, it just takes a few minutes. If you miss it, you can still pick up your own copy here. Thanks for joining me on the first stop of the Kaleidoscope Me blog tour. Next week, watch for a review from Delaney over at The Awkward-Ness.

Blog Tour: The Awkward-Ness

March 15, 2014
Did you know some authors and publishers actually pay for reviews? I don’t believe you should ever pay someone for their opinion and still expect them to be completely honest, so all of the reviews you’ll see on my tour didn’t receive any payment from me. I’ll send reviewers free copies, and I paid a company a small fee to organize a tour, but the reviewers do not receive payment from me for their opinion. While I celebrated a five-star review last week, this week’s tour stop was a little more disappointing for me as an author. But as a writer, negative feedback is often more useful than the positive ones. Thanks, Delaney from The Awkward-Ness, for your honest opinion. (And if you’d like to read my five-star review, check out last week’s tour stop).

Fiction. Because reading should be fun.

Check out my debut novel, Kaleidoscope Me.Read more

“Very helpful and worked independently to research items I had been wanting to get completed. I would definitely recommend her services!”

Photographer, Blog Content

“Our mission team hired Hillary Grigonis to do a media advisory to help promote what we were doing in the city of Flint, Mich. It was one of the best moves we made. We were mentioned on TV news Monday morning before we even started working. The first day, when we were out doing what we came to do, many of the students were interviewed by reporters toting cameras and microphones. Several of the students from the trip got to see themselves on TV through out the next few days and it greatly boosted morale. At the end of a hard days work Wednesday, we read the newspaper article that contained our story to the group and it was incredible to see how much energy and enthusiasm it stirred up. Complete strangers in the area we were working in recognized us from the news and created us warmly. Hillary was affordable, effective, professional, and extremely friendly. We will certainly be repeat customers. “

The Shenandoah Youth Mission Team, Press Release

” “This is 4th time I have asked for this article to be written and you are the only one to nail it!”

Client, Web Content

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Hillary K. Grigonis is a writer specializing in website content and media relations. An avid photographer, she’s a frequent contributor to high traffic photography websites. Her debut novel, Kaleidoscope Me, was released in 2014.