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Books and beautiful world

This week, I headed over to Books And Beautiful World, a blog by Lesley, that, as the name implies is about books and is really quite beautiful. She uses the blog to share reviews as well as some of her own writing.

Her review of Kaleidoscope Me is one of the most helpful that I’ve received so far. Here’s what she had to say:

“Kaleidoscope Me is a book that I was thoroughly charmed by. It might have been because it immediately brought back memories of a certain beautiful kaleidoscope one of my relatives have, an object that I would excitedly look through and turn over, watching the pieces of glass fall into different places, forming new images. But, it was also definitely because I could relate to Jadyn and her kaleidoscope of a mind, and really enjoy the quiet and simple, but touching, story.”

To read her full review, be sure to head over to Books And Beautiful World.

Don’t forget, the Kindle version of Kaleidoscope Me is just 99 cents for a few more days.

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